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Looking for Soldering Machines?

ATF GmbH is your leading experts in processing, producing and distributing
wave solders, selective solders, vapour phase solders and peripheral systems.

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About ATF

From the beginning in 1991, ATF GmbH has focused on the development and manufacturing of wave soldering machines.

Smart Selective

Automation Machines With which equipments
do you soldering your cards?

ATF GmbH was born from the collaboration with Electroverte USA, the inventor of the wave soldering machine. And, even today, our systems benefit from the quality and the rigor that is recognized to us, bringing reliability and longevity of our soldering waves. We have more 4000 installed soldering equipments around the world that weld our customers’ products.

Future Industry Looking to become
an Industry 4.0?

Are you looking for short-term production performance and a competitive long-term technology lead for your business? Our 4.0 soldering equipments offers a new generation of soldering machines that will fit easily into your connected, robotic and smart factories. We provide maintenance, monitoring and control of your equipment remotely through their secure connection to our cloud servers.