About us

From the beginning in 1991, ATF has focused on the development and manufacturing of wave soldering machines. In 1995 Electrovert, worldwide number one in wave soldering machines, was looking for a partner to produce smaller and midsize machines. This was the beginning of a mutual beneficial relationship. The Neupak machine, developed for Electrovert, was a milestone in terms of flexibility, soldering performance and the software. These are three reasons for the worldwide success of the Neupak.

Because of the worldwide sales network, ATF increased the export share to more than 75%. As early as 2002 the number of 1000 machines in the field was reached.

You will find ATF machines at companies, where the customer has been looking for a compact but powerful machine which offers all the features you might have been looking for. Like the Auto-Detect spray fluxer which recognises the size and position of the PCB and sprays this area only. Or the roll out and interchangeable solder pot for easy maintenance and for fast changing of the solder alloy.

Another strength is the flexibility to offer customised solutions ranging from simple solder cells with the soldering machine as a major part of complete assembly lines with multiple work stations. Solutions from ATF are individually designed and innovative: e.g. a conveyor system with a slope of 15° in the direction of the operator, of conveyor systems running without carriers or finger conveyor.